The two biggest obstacles to growing and thriving as a hybrid cash/insurance medical practice owner/leader is Distraction and Comparison.  The interplay of Mission, Vision, Strategy and Values is how you and your team stay focused.  I had a personal breakthrough in my leadership when I read Michael Hyatt’s book The Vision Driven Leader.  He explains how we must understand the interplay between Mission, Vision, Strategy, and Values.  

infographic explaining the interplay of mission, viosioin strategy and values to bring you to the future city

For many years, I led with pieces of the interplay.  However, I always felt as though something was missing. I could see – even though we had a clear mission and values – they did not seem to translate into traction and growth.  I felt our culture was strong and united – but as an organization, we were stagnant and flat for many years.  We all got along as a team and our patients loved us, but we were not growing.  I began to develop a binary “either / or” belief that you can either be one of two things:

  • A small practice that is culturally healthy and patient-centric with low profit


  • A big practice that is culturally unhealthy and profit-centric with poor patient care 

As I have developed this understanding and integrated this interplay into my leadership, the game has changed.  I can see clearly how to grow.  I moved from a “either / or” mindset to “both / and” mindset.   We can experience transformational growth, be patient-centric, culturally healthy and achieve extraordinary results with profits of 15-20%!   We are not there yet – but we can see clearly how to get there. 

Here is our Interplay for Q2 2021:


Name Defines
Mission Get Back to what you love….Therapy beyond the physical; body, mind and spirit. See our Ethos.
Vision reDiscover Vision 2024
Strategy Q2 2021 Big Rocks  1. Uniquely You. 2. Achieve 6% profit. 3. Transition to 1469 campus.
Values Second Mile Service, Owners Mindset, Family Centered, Personal Transformation, Servant Leadership and TRUST. See our Ethos.

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Grateful to be on this journey with you,

Dr. Matthew Harkness

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