Take a look in the mirror and do a good honest self assessment.   Ask yourself how can I improve?

Is it possible for any of us to abdicate our responsibilities for our health, our finances, our leadership, our faith, our relationship with our spouses and children? 

The answer is a resounding “NO!!!”  

You must develop the discipline, the behaviors, and the habits that will keep you, your family and your business healthy in all areas of your life.  

As a physical therapist, I stress this approach with my patients.  I bring the expertise, the experience, and the efficiency to help my patients get back to what they love. But the most important thing I offer is motivation – to develop the ongoing behaviors and self-awareness that will allow them to keep feeling great. Upon completion of therapy, I always recommend annual check-ups, so patients will be motivated by accountability to continue these healthy habits.

It is the same for your role as a leader.  You just have to do it!! No one else can do it for you! 

A sure sign that you have some work to do on your leadership skills is when you begin to believe that your business success depends upon the compliance of outside entities: “If I just had a great administrator, a great partner, a great manager…”   

STOP!!  Take a look in the mirror and do a good honest self-assessment.   Ask yourself,  “How can I improve?”  

  • What am I passionate about?
  • What am I good at?
  • How can improve my habits and rhythms?
  • Do I have a good team that can assist me in my leadership?
  • What task can I delegate to someone who will do a better job than I can?
  • What can I stop doing?
  • What I am I doing that is a complete waste of time?

I recently had to have one of these honest conversations with myself – and came to realize how much time I was spending watching Netflix and following sports that I enjoy. I had to make a decision to quit. The return on my time investment is simply not worth it.  

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