I’ll show you a better way! 

SCALE your practice with confidence, clarity and by design!  reDiscover your passion and get back to winning and doing what you love.

The Your Medical Practice Mentor coaching program gives you the help, the clarity and support to grow your practice with confidence.

Doing it yourself is exhausting and results in burn out and frustration.


  • Why do I feel like I have built a prison and I am barely able to keep my head above water?
  • Why does my team focus on problems rather than solutions?
  • Why does it seem there is no one who understands, who I can relate to and get encouragement and guidance from that is succeeding?
  • Why do I feel so alone and like I am failing?
  • Why do I keep lying to myself and say, “it will get better soon, things will turn around” and it never does?
  • Why do I feel so disconnected from my spouse, kids and close relationships?


LET GO! You are the obstacle to the growth of your practice!

The success of your practice so far is the result of you being on the front line leading and doing the work. 

However you have hit a wall and realize if you don’t make some drastic changes you risk serious consequences:

Your Practice: 

  • You need to get clear on where you want to go.  Develop a clear vision, values, and implement proven systems. 
  • Let go!  Delegate and allow your team to do the work. 
  • Align and empower your team then they can row together in the right direction and give you the freedom you desire.


  • Financially:  Win at home, have your business serve you and your family and provide the opportunity to reach your financial goals and lifestyle that matters to you
  • Time:  Create the flexibility in your week to be at your kids events, take the vacations, create lasting memories and build a legacy 
  • Relationships: feel united with your spouse, be fully present with your kids and close relationships
  • Health:  Exercise consistently, feel energetic, have a mindset of abundance
  • Spiritually: Feel you are living your life with purpose making a difference and living out your your calling


The time is NOW! Design and structure your practice to grow FOR you, not because of you.



Twice Monthly 1-hour Coaching Sessions

Mentoring and guidance for the unique needs of your practice utilizing the principles of the Success Journey. Dr. Matt will listen, understand, and guide you to the best solutions.

Practical Tools

I will share tools with you that have helped me, including my digital courses. All resources will be made available to you and your team.

The Journey

Achieving success and fulfillment as a private practice owner is a journey not a destination. There will be challenges, tension, and obstacles, being a part a community and investing in your leadership with YMPM is the best move you can make.

Dr Matthew Harkness with Michael Hyatt

Full Focus Planner

The best way to grow your practice is to plan it out … And this is the BEST tool I have found for keeping me in focus!

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