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Not all problems are created Equal 

Not all problems are created Equal 

This past Sunday, I woke up with my lizard brain in high gear.  I was thinking about crises, problems, and scarcity –and felt a general sense of fear and heaviness.  These feelings are being triggered by fatigue, and most of these things are outside my control.   On...

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STOP trying to do it yourself!!!

STOP trying to do it yourself!!!

You cannot grow your practice on your own: You cannot create a vision for the future on your own. You cannot manage your cash flow effectively on your own. You cannot market your services and practices on your own. You cannot stay focused or set objective priorities...

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Slow Down!

Slow Down!

I am headed to the bank to withdraw the down payment for our new building today! The closing is set for next week, or the beginning of the week following. The purchase of this new building has been a journey that has tested me in every conceivable way – physically,...

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