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The best way to grow your practice is to plan it – and this is the BEST tool I have found to keep me focused on my journey.
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The KEY is letting go!

Plan your personal journey to leadership excellence through release, rather than control!

Join me on the journey to leadership excellence! Because I’ve already been there, I know the way!

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A simple tool to 📈 productivity 50%

A simple tool to 📈 productivity 50%

Use the Meeting Agenda Planner (MAP) to make your meetings more productive!As leaders running a healthcare practice, it is our responsibility to ensure that our team is focused on getting the right things done.  If we don’t do this, we are not growing.  If we are not...

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Be Generous and your profits will GROW!!!

Be Generous and your profits will GROW!!!

I want to share with you a great experience I had this week with two particularaly generous people. In my recent post, Marketing and Sales – What is the difference I explore the concept of sales.  I had been considering hiring a dedicated  coach to provide me with a...

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How to “sell” your healthcare services

How to “sell” your healthcare services

By BEN MEYERGuest Contributor People tend to shy away from the word, "Sales," especially when used in a healthcare context. Sales has become this icky thing that no one wants to do. Just hearing the word can conjure up thoughts of a used car salesman trying to coerce...

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