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Real-world practical advice from a small medical practice veteran to help you realize your own entrepreneurial dreams while maintaining a healthy work-life balance

“I’ve already been there – so I know the way!”

The best way to grow your practice is to plan it – and this is the BEST tool I have found to keep me focused on my journey.
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The KEY is letting go!

Plan your personal journey to leadership excellence through release, rather than control!

Join me on the journey to leadership excellence! Because I’ve already been there, I know the way!

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Medical Office Leadership Blog

Focus is POWER!!

Focus is POWER!!

The Allied Physical Therapy team takes part in a strategy session, where goals that will move the company toward its vision are set as a team for the next quarter.Creating goals so I can focus and be clear is tough work. Scaling your team to effectively create goals...

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Your Team is Craving Community!

Your Team is Craving Community!

We are experiencing turbulent times in our nation – so many voices, perspectives, pointing fingers, shouting,  noise, noise, noise … I find that for my own sanity, I have been practicing more benevolent detachment that I learned about from John Eldridge.    The enemy...

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