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Real-world practical advice from a small medical practice veteran to help you realize your own entrepreneurial dreams while maintaining a healthy work-life balance

The Success Journey™



  • Future City
  • Pulls Us Forward
  • Alignment
  • Purpose


  • Alleviate frustration
  • Clear path forward
  • Teachable

Owner's Mindset

  • Incentive compensation
  • Get team on board


  • Add to revenue
  • Cash services
  • Cash products


  • Maintain relationships
  • Build revenue stream
  • Create stability

“I’ve already been there – so I know the way!”

The best way to grow your practice is to plan it – and this is the BEST tool I have found to keep me focused on my journey.
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Medical Office Leadership Blog

Owner’s mindset: Incentive Compensation: Part 3

Owner’s mindset: Incentive Compensation: Part 3

Commission on Sales of Products and Services There are three additional ways to generate more income for our clinicians and staff – in addition to billing units and efficiently managing their caseload. See Parts 1 and 2 of this series.   20% commission on all sales of...

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Owners Mindset: Incentive Compensation: Part 2

Owners Mindset: Incentive Compensation: Part 2

Tools for Success In Part 1,  we introduced the Cascading Schedule, presenting a clear visual guide to prioritizing scheduling for incentive compensation. There are four important tools you need to successfully implement incentive compensation.  Master Charge Sheet...

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Owner’s Mindset: Incentive Compensation: Part 1

Owner’s Mindset: Incentive Compensation: Part 1

Cascading Schedule We need a new kind of team member.  We refer to our team members as “Intrapreneurs.”    Intrapreneur:   A team member who has an owner’s mindset.  They do not assume the risks of an entrepreneur. They have access to the resources and capabilities of...

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