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Real-world practical advice from a small medical practice veteran to help you realize your own entrepreneurial dreams while maintaining a healthy work-life balance

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Meet John – He’s a motivated high-achiever who has served as Clinic Director for a reputable regional physical therapy group for the past five years. He’s been frustrated lately with the constant struggle he has experienced to find and keep good team members. Some just don’t seem to “get it.”


Meet Sarah – She started her private general medical practice immediately after graduation, expecting to start slow with a do-it-all attitude, and then building up her practice over time. However, with little experience in business, she has started to believe after two years that she is in over head.


Meet Jane – For more than 10 years, she has been trying to be all things to all people in her well-established, privately owned dental practice. Although she is motivated and growth-minded, she has started to feel stuck. Working as the receptionist, bookkeeper and dental health professional has left her burned out.

I’ve already been there…
…so I can show you the way to success!

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Get More Hours in Your Day

Trust Your Team to Do What They Do Best

Discover the Best Productivity Tools

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  • Future City
  • Pulls Us Forward
  • Alignment
  • Purpose


  • Alleviate frustration
  • Clear path forward
  • Teachable

Owner's Mindset

  • Incentive compensation
  • Get team on board


  • Add to revenue
  • Cash services
  • Cash products


  • Maintain relationships
  • Build revenue stream
  • Create stability

And learn all the skills necessary to ignite growth!

Planning is the key to successful growth!

The best way to grow your practice is to plan it – and this is the BEST tool I have found to keep me focused on my journey.
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The KEY is letting go!

Plan your personal journey to leadership excellence through release, rather than control!

Join me on the journey to leadership excellence! Because I’ve already been there, I know the way!

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Are you aware of your habits?

Are you aware of your habits?

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” ~ Carl Jung Back in 2005 BC (before children), my wife and I had a chance to take a 10-day private boat trip to The Dry Tortugas. As I packed for the trip, I impulsively...

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Focus on the Start

Focus on the Start

The Southwest Florida area where I live and practice was ground zero for Category 4 Hurricane Ian. Thankfully, we only suffered minor damage at both of our properties.  The surrounding neighborhoods that were built on lower ground than our home experienced...

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What is Success for You?

What is Success for You?

success [ suhk-ses ] noun the attainment of wealth, position, honors, or the like.  With the recent death of England’s Queen Elizabeth II, I have been watching The Crown on Netflix. I watched with fascination as the queen’s husband, Prince Phillip, suffered a crises...

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