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Matthew Harkness

Listener and Developer of People

From the outside looking in, it must seem easy. 

It is amazing how often new visitors to my Physical Therapy practice will comment on how well-put-together their treatment plan is, or how well the entire staff works together as a team to get our patients back to doing what they love.

Of course, our patients’  healing is our primary objective at Allied Physical Therapy, and always has been. But, the well-oiled machine part comes from years of making mistakes, listening to staff and patients alike, learning from our experiences, and making adjustments in our processes to put our best foot forward.

Having been raised in a blue collar home in a small Vermont town, I was blessed to have had the support of a loving family with strong values. I have always been a curious person by nature – striving to make sense of the world, and pulling it apart to see how it works from several different vantage points. Perhaps this is why I have always been willing to take that first step, to be uncomfortable, to learn, and to grow. I have always felt certain that I have been placed on this earth for a purpose – and through experience and learning, I hope to contribute something, to make a difference, to make things better.  

Throughout this journey, there have been both peaks and valleys, as well as storms and clear skies. At times, I have felt alone, overwhelmed, fatigued, scared and lost. I have felt inadequate and confused; lacking in knowledge, time, money, and resources. The future seemed a dense fog – I would take a few steps and stumble. It took me years to realize that the biggest battle I faced was the one going on in my head.  

For years, I struggled with a mindset of scarcity, problems, and comparing myself to others. Of course, this did nothing more than lead to feelings of discontentment and isolation. Every day, I faced the same challenge: how to balance family with running an effective organization.  Everywhere I looked, it seemed people were closing, selling, and walking away from another failed endeavor. I poured my energy and time into searching for the answer. I began reading books, hiring coaches and consultants, and even achieved a graduate business degree. Although I have learned a lot along the way, there was still something missing.

As I reflect on my humble beginnings and where I am today, I am amazed and grateful. I am in awe of what I have learned on my life’s journey. I love my wife and children more than ever and enjoy a close loving relationship with each and every one of them. I am privileged each day to work with the most incredible people in the world. I am humbled that they have chosen to be a part of my team. My confidence, ambition and energy grows more and more each day.

I want to invite you to take this journey together. To step into a whole new mindset of opportunity and abundance. Experience the power of small wins. Learn to listen to your family as well as your team. Learn to let go or to get out of the way. Cultivate a leadership style of release vs. control. Experience results you would have never imagined when your team members begin to contribute from their hearts with passion, enthusiasm and innovation. Get back to your strengths as a person – the place where you can be your best and make your greatest contribution.

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Imagine a life free of fatigue, isolation, confusion and exhaustion. The future is yours – with a clear direction, and living a life by design.  

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