“If we wait for the moment when everything, absolutely everything, is ready, we shall never begin”

 ~Ivan Turgenev

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by certain elements of being a practice owner? Perhaps it is a lack of cash, an empty clinical position you need to fill, a frustrated patient or team member, or a lack of referrals coming in?

These things can quickly bore holes into your mind, making way for catastrophe thinking to take hold –  exhausting you both mentally and physically. You can quickly begin to speak and think in a narrative of scarcity that can soon spin out of ratyional control – causing you to lose confidence and love for what you do and all that you have achieved.

LET GO!!! It Is What It Is. Acccept and move forward. Don’t look behind and say, “Woulda. Coulda. Shoulda.”

Most often, resolutions for problems such as these are simpler – and nearer at hand – than you think. You have the ability, the knowledge, and the team to overcome these challenges with consistency and time. YOU MUST PROTECT YOUR MINDSET!!

Step 1: Mindsweep! Using a blank sheet of paper, write down everything on your mind, moving quickly to get a raw assessment of what you are thinking and the narrative you are telling yourself.

Step 2. It is what it is.

Step 3. Focus your efforts on what you can control or influence.

Step 4. Trajectory: As you focus on what you can control, thereby setting a new trajectory, you will – over time – have a positive outcome. Every time!

Step 5: Give permission to give your mind a break! STOP. Be grateful. Do something you love, such as cycling, walking, reading, cooking, etc.

Step 6: Share these tips with someone else. By sharing,  you re-inforce your own committment to letting things go. This is why I am writing this blog post. 

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