It is clear that value is different for everyone. When it comes to making a sale, it is about listening, building, establishing and sustaining trust. It is also about understanding who your ideal customer is and creating products and services that appeal to that person. As we move into cash services combined with our traditional insurance offerings, we have to approach our customers differently – making sure we are creating value and trust.

Ben Meyer is our in-house marketing and sales expert who also does consulting with other practices like ours. He is actively working on training and developing systems for our team on how to generate interest in these ad-on services among our patients. And he is teaching me how Marketing and Sales require two different skill sets, and that each have different purposes and roles.

Marketing: Generating awareness interest of our services and generating leads

  • Connecting with our community
  • Rotary, Chamber
  • Providing lunches with potential customers
  • On site workshops/seminars on wellness/health topics
  • Discovery session: A complimentary consultation with a therapist
  • Advertising
  • Webinars

Sales: Converting leads into paying customers

  • Primary responsibility is to follow up with each lead
  • Educates more in depth the journey to and through our brand for a lifetime
  • Sets up a discovery call with the lead, to listen, answer questions, and further educate the potential customer of the service
  • Initiates a call to action
  • Provides ease and options to make the purchase; credit, monthly payments, etc
  • Keeps paying customers engaged in our services and becomes a lifetime customer and evangelist for the brand

Just like you, we need a coach to grow our business. I (we) need a coach for marketing and sales. Ben Meyer will be our guest on the next few blog posts as he furthers and expands on understanding marketing and sales. He also will have a special offer for you!!!

In case you missed it…

Check out Allied’s new clinic update with our designer, Kristin Lyons. Although the video is difficult to hear, you can see the design renderings she presented to our staff this week.

Grateful to be on this journey with you,

Dr. Matthew Harkness

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