I want to share with you a great experience I had this week with two particularaly generous people. In my recent post, Marketing and Sales – What is the difference I explore the concept of sales.  I had been considering hiring a dedicated  coach to provide me with a higher level of one-on-one accountability through Michael Hyatt and Co.   

As I began exploring this option, I was given the opportunity to participate in two sessions with my potential coach, Amy Wine.  We had two excellent sessions and I connected well with her; I felt that she understands me and has the experience and expertise to help guide in along in my vision for my businesses.  Amy was sincere and provided me with a lot of valuable advice out of a spirit of generosity, through a mindset of abundance. 

Yesterday, I had a “sales” call with Blake Stratton who is a member of the sales team at Michael Hyatt & Co. Blake and I have spoken before, when I was considering joining Hyatt’s Business Accelerator Program. I am now about to start my third year in the program. At the time, I was hesitant. It seemed expensive and I had never invested in self-leadership in such an intentional way. Now, the money invested in the BA program has transformed my mind and my business!! I now understand that having a coach and guidance is like jet fuel for my growth.  

Blake was warm and genuinely interested in me. “How are you doing?”,  “How is your family?”,  “What transformation have you experienced in the Business Accelerator Program?”  

From the get-go, he set the premise that his top priority was to create value on the call. “How can I help?”, “Do you have any questions?”, “What are you struggling with?”  The transformational breakthrough for me was talking about value and setting prices.  We talked about two common pains as a business owner: The first is Money, and the second is Stress.

I was reminded of the words of an accountant who one told me, “Business owners primarily close or sell their business not because of money difficulty, but because of STRESS!”  He talked about when you seek expert help that has lasting impact, what you are paying for is a paradigm shift in your thinking in your mind.  

THIS is so true!!! For so long, I felt like an imposter: I am not really that good, my services are not that valuable, I can’t charge that amount, who is going to listen to what I have to say? This idea that our mindset is the one thing that holds us back and limits business growth is an idea that fascinates me.  This is why I – YOU – need help; a guide, someone to speak truth to you, to show you the way, to guide you, to coach you, to understand that perfection is not the goal. The goal is continuous progress.  

Blake did not even get to the “call to action” component of the call for the one-on-one coach program.  He said, “Wow! This has been a great conversation!” and concluded by saying he would get back to me on Monday.  You know what? That call put me one step closer to a decision to invest in my growth by hiring a one-on-one coach.  

Be generous, build trust, don’t be pushy, and don’t bait-and-switch your potential clients. Have a servant’s heart, listen, and share from a spirit of abundance. There is plenty out there, and more to spare. 


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Grateful to be on this journey with you,

Dr. Matthew Harkness

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