The only thing worse than being blind is having sight with no vision.

~Helen Keller 


A wellness community situated on a 2-acre waterfront campus in South West Florida. Our passion is to guide and walk alongside you as you journey through life.   We provide wellness services that focus on the whole person – Body, Mind and Spirit.  

This is a picture of our “Future City.” My wife and I officially closed on this property on October 30, 2020!   We have been working since July to purchase this campus and thanks to a great team of professionals, and many hours of paperwork and meetings, we finally crossed the finish line.  

This property is far better than we could have imagined.  It is in a great location, has plenty of parking, has room for us to expand and will be a permanent location for our business.

Approximately a year ago, we had developed a vision to find a piece of property that would embody our values as a brand.  We wanted it to be an inspiring place to visit for our guests – as well as an inspiring place to work for our team. When we set our minds to this project, we really felt it was impossible. However, we suspended our disbelief and focused on our vision. As we took each step through the lens of abundance thinking, we overcame many barriers and obstacles.

As the leader of your practice, you need a clear, compelling vision:

  • You must be clear where you and your team are going –  Your “Future City”
  • Vision pulls you forward
  • Forces you and your team  to step into a Mindset of Abundance and opportunity
  • Acts as a filter, eliminating things that don’t belong
  • Creates alignment of your team
  • Puts purpose to you and your team’s daily tasks

You must suspend disbelief:

  • Clarity on the What – Forget the how
  • Clarity will attract the resources necessary to become a reality
  • Focus on liberating truths
    • Your past success
    • Your incredible team
    • Your Faith in God

A practical guide to developing your vision is  The Vision Driven Leader.  This has been a great resource for me and it will help you as well.  Happy Visioneering!!!

Grateful to be on this journey with you,

Dr. Matthew Harkness

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