Feedback is your SUPERPOWER!!

Imagine that you have a “superpower.” You are all-knowing, capable of being in two places at once, and you are not bound by the constraints of time. This superpower would allow you to perfect each part of your practice:  

  • Each role would be clear and be in line with your mission/vision.
  • You could be sure treatment experience is consistent for all your patients.
  • You could be sure every moment is efficiently and optimally utilized.
  • You could have beautifully organized training processes.
  • You would no longer have to deal with messy, emotional, unpredictable human beings  😁 (you are one of them, by the way)!

You can have all these things!! How? By developing rituals of getting consistent feedback and giving clear direction in relationships of high trust. Your team has studied hard to get where they are. It is my experience, in more than 20 years of practice, that people genuinely care, want to contribute, and want to make a difference to improve patients’ lives as well as the lives of your team. Recent statistics offer a sobering look into employee feelings about their workplaces: 

  • 39% of employees say that they are not receiving enough feedback.
  • 57% complain that they lack clear direction.

Imagine a battle where a great leader or general inspires his soldiers to such an extent that they not only believe in the mission – they are willing to give their life for the cause. Leaders like Winston Churchill – among other historical figures – were able to influence millions of people to support their causes – whether they were good, bad, noble or reprehensible. In the healthcare industry, your team members want to use their talents, their abilities, and their gifts to make this world a better place. 

Feedback is your superpower!  Feedback allows you to have ears and eyes in all facets of your business.  As a matter of fact, it is even better than cloning yourself to be in all places at once. Through your diverse team, you have many more perspectives, insights, and potential solutions to problems. Your team is the key to scaling your practice so that you, your team, and your patients can all thrive!  Asking for feedback in a safe environment with high trust is the key to unlocking incredible growth.  The four keys to tapping into your feedback superpower:

  1. Clear – make sure the team knows where the practice is going and what you expect of them in the feedback process.
  2. Safe – When team members express dissent, lean in and be open to hearing them out. Listen without judgement and ask questions to clarify their point of view.
  3. Intentional – The solicitation of feedback must be built into your practice. It must be rhythmic and one-on-one, and should be given adequate time to be expressed. Use the Project Clarity Form. 
  4. Empower – Empower your leader/team members to implement suggestions, removing any barriers that may exist.


Grateful to be on this journey with you,

Dr. Matthew Harkness

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