Part 2: Identify a Proposed Systems Solution

In Part 1, we learned how to
how to identify a frustration from a systems perspective.  In Part 2, we want to create a proposed systems solution.

Create a Proposed System Solution:

Step 1:
How does the frustration impact your practice?

  • Be specific, not general:

    • Who is impacted?
    • How does this impact your business, team members and patients? 
    • Quantify the impact of this frustration.
infographic explaining the interplay of mission, viosioin strategy and values to bring you to the future city

Step 2:  Identify a Proposed Systems Solution 

  1. Systems/Project Name and Leader/team members involved. 
  2. Projected System creation Start and End Date.
  3. Description.
  4. Desired Results.
  5. Constraints. 
  6. Support and approval from key stakeholders/team members.

Step 3: Solicit Feedback from all Stakeholders 

  • Stakeholder: a person who is actively impacted or involved in the creation of the system/project. They contribute to the success or failure of the project.
  • Share proposed “Proposed system solution.”
  • Interview key stakeholders utilizing  “The Question Cone.”   
  • Adjust proposed systems solution based on “The Question Cone.”

Next week: Part 3:  We will look at Completing and Implementing your New System.

Grateful to be on this journey with you,

Dr. Matthew Harkness

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