As I look back at my life’s journey thus far, I believe I have done better than most at understanding the value of excellent relationships with my family, my team and my patients. I attribute the success of our brand to this relationship philosophy.

However, it wasn’t always this way.  For many years, a battle raged in my mind. I believe I can pinpoint the dawning of the realization that things were not working at a year-end all-staff budget planning meeting. I broke down and told the staff I couldn’t do it anymore!!  I could no longer carry the emotional burden of our business by myself while maintaining responsibility for everyone.

How did I get to this state?  Was it pride? Was I looking at people as tools that I needed to “program” to get the results I wanted? Was I not listening? Was I measuring success in money and possessions instead of people and relationships?  I told my team that day that I was handing over the reins;  I was getting out of the way!  I surrendered!  I apologized for not seeing my team members’ full worth and potential.

I can now see where I have made real breakthroughs in the past couple of years. I stepped into a role of affirming them, supporting them, providing resources for them, and listening to them. This shift has been completely transformative for me, and for the growth and health of our brand.


  • Have you surrendered your business to your team?
  • Do you think your team wants to be supported or controled?
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