“Change means movement.  Movement means friction.”

 ~Saul Alinsky

It has been a good week.  I am feeling that I am headed on the right trajectory with home and work.  One thing that helps me immensely is when I am organized; my planner is up to date, my calendar is accurate, my email inbox is empty, and my finances are all caught up.

Organization makes me feel clear, focused, energetic – and free of distractions.  It takes time to get myself and my affairs organized. I estimate that a good 25 percent of my week is spent maintaining order and clarity.

Here, I share a few ideas for helping to keep your business – and yourself – organized:

  • Start with your desk/office – this builds momentum and visually empowers you.
  • Ideal week: set blocks of time.
  • Three to five minutes is a valuable chunk of time and you can get a lot accomplished; clear your desk, delete junk email, write a card, breathe and relax you mind. 
  • Have a system to help you – a planner, calendar, 3×5 cards.  I use the Full Focus Planner
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