Although you may be tempted to think of things like computers, vehicles and real estate when naming your business’s most valuable asset, you’d be mistaken. Where it was once true that machinery, equipment and capital were the true measure of business success during this country’s industrial age – today’s corporate culture demands a more knowledgeable, educated and sophisticated workforce. High-trust relationships with those workers then becomes your greatest new-age asset. Yes, relationships are hard, messy, difficult, and uncertain.  But they are also the most rewarding aspect of human life.  They give us purpose, inspiration, encouragement, and comfort. They challenge us to be better people.

Valuing and investing in relationships must be at the core of an abundance- and opportunity-minded leader.  The most important tools that human beings possess are imagination and vision.  Looking into the future and creating a vision in our minds is an ability unique to human beings. When many human minds tackle a challenge, project or task, rapid synergy begins to take place. 1+1=10, 100, 1000.


  • Do you value your relationships, at home, at work, and in your community?
  • Are you willing to cancel your Amazon membership to establish a relationship with your local businesses?
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