I recently had the opportunity to meet with author, speaker and leader Matt Keller about how to translate vision into action. 

According to Keller, one of the most important things that a leader must do to move their organization forward is to clearly articulate the goals that have been set in order to arrive there. He called this destination on the path to success “The Future City.” 

Keller likened a company’s leadership to a train filled with passengers, (staff and patients or clients or customers). The train is traveling down the tracks day to day, managing the crew and serving the passengers. We make sure each team member is in the right seat; able to make their greatest contribution. This, in turn, allows all of the passengers to be comfortable and happy – so will continue traveling with you for a lifetime. 

The Future City is where we are going as an organization. It is our job as leaders to create a vision of that Future City and to clearly articulate what it looks like, feels like, smells like, and sounds like. The vision of the Future City way station creates excitement and attracts more passengers. It is critical for your team to understand the Future City – and what it means to each of them personally and professionally – so they can be certain they are on the right train and will do all they are empowered to do to reach each way station Future City successfully and on time. 

The hard work for the leadership team reveals itself in making this vision a reality. According to Keller, goals and expectations must be broken down into shorter destinations. He calls this laying tracks back from the Future City. Then, the team members can set goals (every 90 to 180 days, for example) on the tracks forward to reach these destinations. When the tracks back and and the tracks forward meet, this is a WIN! Celebrate, then reset again, until you reach your Future City!!!

Allied Physical Therapy is having its annual company leadership summit tomorrow and I am very excited!! I am casting a bold vision, through our presence and impact to transform Lee County to becoming the healthiest county in our State by 2022. We are going to do this through empowering and supporting our team, providing easier access to our services, education through seminars, digital media, and community events. We are passionate about guiding our community back to what they love for a lifetime.

Where is your team’s Future City???

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