Are you happy? Are you living your dream? Do you feel you’ve got it all? Does your business and personal life operate in concert with one another like a finely tuned and well-oiled machine? Is everything smooth sailing?

I’m sure your answer – like mine – is a big fat “NO!!!”

We have record-setting inflation, declining reimbursements, political and ideological disagreements and civil unrest. Everything seems to be unstable – and life is just a massive struggle…..or is it?

“Business owners close or sell their business not because it is failing financially, but because they are emotionally exhausted and are tired of the fight”
~ Nancy Givens, CPA

Life can often be a battle – but in the case of business owners such as ourselves, the biggest battle we face is the one that takes place every day between our ears – in our minds. I am nearing the age of 50 and have been a clinician for 22 years, a leader for 20 years, and a business owner for 18 years. There have been plenty of ups and downs – but the recent pandemic has changed our world forever. Somehow, it feels like the city on a hill, a brighter tomorrow, the great American Dream itself is no longer possible…or is it?

If you read my articles regularly, you may have noticed that I focus more on improving your mindset than I do about the best way to schedule patients, collect co-pays or lay out your clinic. Why? Because the primary battle to be won is gaining the proper mindset to be a great business owner  – not the mundane day-to-day technical tasks that can be delegated to a properly skilled team member.

I recently experienced a breakthrough in my own mindset and am really excited about the second half of my business. This quote by Mother Theresa explains this breakthrough so well for me:

“Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today.  Let us begin!!!”
~ Mother Theresa

Suddenly, I feel light and free from the chains of owning a business. Why? Because I am focusing on the present, and being present in the moment.  For many years, I was so future-focused I missed the opportunities and blessings right in front of me! During this second half, I have dispensed with this old mind set! I have had to detach myself from previous beliefs about what “success” looks like – money, multiple clinics, big house, etc. And you know what? It feels GREAT!!!!

I am taking the simple approach; be present, do my best, smile, appreciate my team, hug my patients, don’t take things personally – and above all, let it go! So, I keep up my reliable healthy habits, rituals and routines and enjoy this ride of life!!

The GAP and the GAIN



I am reading Dan Sullivan’s book The Gap and the Gain.

It’s human nature to be in the GAP:

  • The Gain is the Antidote
  • The Gain creates immediate happiness
  • The Gain connects you to yourself and your progress.
  • The Gain transforms everything
  • The Gain gives you power over the direction of your life
  • The Gain gets you out of the GAP!!

I have achieved far more than I would have ever imagined when I started this journey 22 years ago.  It has been a wonderful journey!  I am looking forward to the next 22 years!!!

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