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In Leading Yourself: Part 1, we took a sobering look at how much your time is worth as a medical practice owner. When you realize how much your time is actually worth in dollars and cents, it makes it easier to invest your time wisely – to grow your practice, and strengthen relationships with family and friends.

When identifying those areas where you should best invest your time, you must be intentional, with a view of your long-term goals and vision. You must remember that you are on a journey with peaks and valleys, twists and turns, and obstacles that may seem impossible to get around.   

In Leading Yourself: Part 2, I want to help you identify your unique high-leverage zone, so you can thrive.  You should always weigh your investment of time against 5 criteria for success to yield the greatest return on your investment:

  1. Important: Advances you closer to your Vision for your practice and your life.
  2. Not Urgent: High-impact activities that you must act on, by prioritizing with discipline.
  3. Passion: Excites you, fulfills you, utilizes your gifts and talents.
  4. Competence: Delivers results, creating traction and momentum toward your goals.
  5. Persistence: A perspective and appreciation that will yield transformational results with persistence of activity.

An example of activities I do consistently that meet my own Thrive Zone:

  • Writing content: To grow leaders and medical practices like yours.
  • Mentoring team: Members who are passionate about growth and our practice vision.
  • Connecting: With others like you who are on a similar journey.
  • Being coached: By someone who is further ahead of me on the journey.
  • Teaching and developing: The interplay between Mission, Values, Vision and Strategy.

Each one of these things excites me; prompting me to jump out of bed each morning and give my best on this journey.

Take an inventory of the tasks that you do now and determine if they meet the THRIVE criteria.  If any of your tasks do not meet the criteria:

  1. Eliminate: Stop doing it NOW
  2. Automate: Set up an automated process.
  3. Delegate: Have someone else on your team do the task – someone for whom the task meets their own THRIVE criteria.

Take a few moments and go though the Thrive Filter: 

Over time, you want to be investing more than 90% of your time in your THRIVE zone. I review my tasks along with those of my leadership team on a quarterly basis to be sure none of us are drifting out of our unique THRIVE zones. 

Next week, in Lead Yourself: Part 3, we will explore ways to protect your time – from yourself and your team – by creating an optimal week shared calendar.

Grateful to be on this journey with you,

Dr. Matthew Harkness

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