Your business cannot afford to not do this!!

Last week, our company shuttered its doors for the day so our entire staff could participate in our 8th Annual Leadership Summit. Each year, our team-building exercises actually begin with the planning of our summit, which takes place at a beautiful off-site location, and takes several months and some great team-work to pull off.    

As we gather to “sharpen the saw,” we revisit our “WHY” for existence; our mission and vision. Our new two-year leadership theme is “Voice,” which is meant to be a season of empowerment for our team. A local business leader, Billy Cossette, owner of the Cape Coral Chick-fil-A, was invited to speak to the team and answer questions about creating a great team and building a brand of high trust.

Several of our own team members gave incredible presentations concerning customer service and growth strategy. And we even introduced a new Dream Manager position to help our team members identify and achieve their dreams.  

Perhaps the greatest impact of the summit was coming together outside the work environment to laugh, share, and enjoy some quality cuisine in a beautifully decorated environment.  We even had an Italian accordion-player performing some beautiful music during our meal.

This is arguably a huge expense – or a massive investment.  Of course, as an opportunity-minded leader, I choose to believe this is a great investment!  Why?

  • It brings out the best in individuals and unites us as a team.
  • It resets the organization, and re-focuses us on our WHY.
  • It increases appreciation and acknowledges each team member as a vital. unique contributor to our brand.
  • It creates energy and enthusiasm.
  • It reminds us that we are on the right course.
  • It reveals to us small adjustments that need to be undertaken to keep us on course
  • It gives us clarity and focus and sets the stage for accountability

Take time to refocus, re-align and appreciate your team.  After all if it weren’t for them, you would not be in business.

What to you do to keep your team unified and appreciated?

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