I do love new beginnings; a new year, a new day, launching a new endeavor, or the enthusiasm of a new team member.  All of these examples give me great energy and inspiration. However, as much as I love new beginnings, I have learned that the real test of a leader is to persevere; to be consistent with proven principles, to be organized, to be trustworthy, to communicate with clarity, to set and revisit goals, and to listen to and affirm your team.  

Life is a marathon, not a sprint.  

Matthew Harkness

We must be especially careful when we get to the “Messy Middle”  of the journey toward our goals and aspirations. We are vulnerable during this stage.  The excitement has died down. You may have encountered unexpected obstacles. You may feel incompetent. What was once so clear becomes a dense fog.   

The key to a great leader is to reinvent yourself over and over again, and to create those new beginnings.

I feel now is the time for a new CEO to take my place here at Allied PT. As I have lead our organization on the journey from from a small office with two people to a staff of more than 20 team members with two locations in two cities, I feel it is time for a new leader.   A leader that can take Allied to the next level; to scale and grow to a multi-site preeminent Physical Therapy Practice.

First and foremost, this new CEO must inspire our company through possession of the following attributes:

  • high trust and values-driven character.
  • laser-focused on our mission and vision.
  • recognizes that our greatest assets are our team members.
  • whose primary role is to listen, consider, and empower each team member to find their unique personal significance and contribute to building the brand.
  • surrounds him or herself with others who are more competent and have better or different skillsets.
  • understands that tension is part of the creative process and to embrace it as opportunity.
  • leads by establishing mutually agreed-upon results and empowering each team member discover the their best methods to get the results.
  • a balanced approach considering culture, metrics and opportunity and making confident decisions to advance the business.
  • establishes and creates learners, leaders and multipliers to scale the practice to the regional and national level.

After an exhaustive nation-wide search and several interviews, I do believe we have found the perfect candidate.  We extended a generous, transparent offer to the candidate, and after several months of consideration, the candidate has accepted and is enthusiastic about this opportunity!  He begins his journey with Allied starting January 8th. His name – drumroll please – is the new and improved Dr. Matthew Harkness!

I encourage you to re-invent yourself in this time of new beginnings – by simply being the person you want to become.

Happy New Year!

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