The choices we make today can have far-reaching impacts on your future life – and lives of others.

We recently watched Back to The Future, which is a great movie classic from the ’80s!  I was impacted by the scene where Marty returns back to the future, after helping his parents fall in love at their high school’s  “Enchantment Under the Sea” dance.  The scene is great because it reveals to us how our choices over time have a major impact on our lives – for better or for worse. 

Marty arrives home in the future – and everything has suddenly changed for the better. George and Lorraine (Marty’s parents) are still in love after many years. They have a beautiful home. George is a successful science fiction author. Biff, the high school bully who targeted George – is broke and waxing George’s BMW. Marty has his awesome 4×4 truck and the girl of his dreams.

It hit me in a big way as I watched this scene. It does matter that I live a life of integrity; what I do in public and in private must be consistent.   The choice to eat healthy, exercise, tell my team I appreciate them, tell my family I love them. Take the time to be proactive; plan the year, the quarter, the weekday.  Make that phone call to restore a relationship. Do not hold onto grudges or injustices; forgive and move on.   

Consider what is at stake. Having a great family that loves, cares and supports one another – as well as their community. Living a healthy long life to share in the joy of seeing your children marry, and have grandchildren; to foster an environmemnt that allows your business to grow so that it will make a positive impact on your community for decades to come.  To live a life that has an eternal impact. Your everyday choices matter more than you know!


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