My daughter Anna just celebrated her 10th birthday.  She was so excited to be double digits! She entertained 11 of her friends at our home for a sleepover. (I do have the greatest wife in the world.)  

The girls played games, swam in the pool, and watched with excitement as Anna opened the birthday presents they had brought for her.  I actually sensed more excitement among her friends as they explained why they had chosen a particular gift, or instructed Anna on how to use or wear whatever it was that she found beneath the wrapping paper.

I learn so much from my four children about leadership and creating a healthy, loving home.  As we lead and serve our teams, it is important to live and exist in the present. We need to give our teams our full attention; affirming, listening and releasing and empowering them.  It is dangerous to live in past failures or successes – allowing them to influence the present and the future. Each one of our team members is on their own personal journey and we need to be mindful of each individual’s readiness to reach the next level, while providing them with all the tools and support they need to succeed.

We have the gift of being fully in the “present” each and every day.  Take time to accept the gift of the present – by not analyzing the past or contemplating the future.  Live fully in each and every moment with your team members, your family, your friends. After all, life is about relationships – and making difference while we are here on this earth.  

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