“The ancestor of every action is a thought.”

~Ralph Waldo Emerson

When I first heard Emerson’s quote, it was a “Wow!” moment for me: My own personal reality has been shaped in large part by the way I see myself – which in turn is a self-assessment molded by my own thought process.

I really need to pay more attention to what I am thinking and what I am doing, who I am spending time with, what I am watching or listening to, and how it shapes my thoughts. 

Leadership mentor Micheal Hyatt says we don’t dream and create a vision for our future that is big enough. Our thoughts and mindsets always hold us back from thinking the impossible – which prevents our reality from ever becoming the impossible.

At the last business accelerator class that I attended, I had the opportunity to tour Hyatt’s office. It is the ultimate colaborative workspace. However, my first impression was that the space – although impressive – was just too small.  Now, two years later, Hyatt admits they did not dream big enough; the space has already been outgrown.  If they had a braver vision in the first place – and imagined growth – it would have been less expensive than having to now seek or build a larger space.  

Here are the four steps to creating a clear vision

I have recently stepped into the identity of commercial real estate owner.  And it is an identity I never imagined – but should have. But now, with this new realization of thoughts driving reality, I am excited, nervous and incentived by this new identity.  Although I do not currently possess the knowledge, the funds, or the understanding to do this, I do understand one important thing – every reality starts…..IN YOUR MIND!!


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