Female Teacher Reading a Story From the Book to her Little Young Students Inside the Classroom

As an entrepreneur, I crave simplicity!! 

When things are simple, clear, actionable and repeatable, the hair on my neck raises with excitement. 

When I hire a consultant, what I want is someone who will hold my hand through the process.  I ask them, “Please, just walk me through this building purchase, development of an employee handbook,  forming a growth plan for individual team members, as if I am in kindergarten.”

I love children’s books that were written on complex topics, because they break it down and make it simple.

However, complexity creeps into everything. 

So, here is my filter for Keeping it Simple: 

  • Start with the End in mind (the transformation)
    • We are going to get you back to what you love.
  • Step 1,2,3……….
    • Communicate simply and clearly each step.
    • Celebrate. 
    • Go slow, be patient with your student and yourself.
  • Repetition of simple words/phrases/actions:
    • Brush your muscles (stretch) daily, just like you brush your teeth daily.
    • Consistency is where the magic happens. 
  • Use pictures or icons 
    • Engages emotions, Right side creative side of brain.
    • Like a moment of ahhhhh… I can rest for a moment from reading text.
  • White Space:
    • Create spacing in pages.
    • Pauses in meetings.
    • Encourage feedback.
    • Be Open. Allow your team to influence you.

It is like Mr. Miyagi in The Karate Kid, “A little bit at a time.” 

I have found that we achieve the best results when we teach the principles or virtues, in a simple way: waxing cars, painting a fence. Then, the movement or the action becomes a reflex or a behavioral norm – it becomes automatic.  We can then slowly add more steps to refine and improve the team’s performance, like building blocks. 

Remember, training lasts a lifetime. It is a journey, just like our health. So, go ahead! I give you permission to relax! Don’t worry about perfection, because simple progress is the goal every time!!  

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