reDISCOVER yourself! Body, Mind and Spirit.  

This is YOUR year!  YOU are valuable!  YOU have the solution to transform your patients’ lives!  BE CONFIDENT!!  You can build a successful practice earning 20% profit and compensate all your team members 15 to 20% more than their peers at similar practice settings!!!

I know all of you have been caught in this binary mindset.  We have two choices for our practice; insurance or cash medical practice.  It is either / or – black or white.  NO!!!  You must start with a clean slate.  Shatter the old insurance paradigm for your business. 

Leverage your insurance practice to springboard into other valuable cash services.  You can upsell, create memberships, add additional services, have a store, have health seminars and workshops, offer digital products.  There is SO much potential!!!  It all starts in your mind!

Old medical practice design New medical practice design
We follow the rules We recreate the rules
Sterile: White Walls, Anatomy posters, models, sterile Spa like, cool colors, clean, minimalist, fresh feeling
Doctor is king Patient is king
Insurance controls practice revenue Patient controls revenue for practice: Let patient decide what value is and give them options, insurance, cash, credit
Cash transaction is forbidden: insurance only Hybrid Model: Insurance and cash options: Permission to buy and sell by having an attractive store in facility
Scarcity: don’t give any info or treatment per body part without auth from insurance…
You get the cheese pizza only! No extra toppings for you!
Generosity: lots of valuable information for free, digital signage, emails, youtube, podcast, books
You want more toppings no problem!
Cash options to upsell treatment experience: Laser treatment, Essential oil. Infrared light therapy, Biofreeze application
Roles of staff: medical insurance centric: Roles of Staff: Patient (guest) centric:
Doctor: listen to Doctor (Arrogance)
Doctor Assistant: follow doctors instruction
Patient Check in and out: abdicate responsibility and decisions to the Insurance company…NO OPTIONS!!
Doctor: listen to patient (Humility)
Doctor Assistant: advocate for patient and doctor, helps patient feel heard and understood
Guest Services check in and out: Guest is the priority, we give them options, they decide what is valuable for them
Employee Mindset: We are victims, put you head down and do the bare minimum Owners Mindset: of all team members. We offer services with confidence and believe in the value we offer and are rewarded accordingly
Value: higher insurance reimbursement contract Value: Lifetime customer, our community

Our goal is to be 40% cash and 60% insurance by 2024, generating $4,000,000 with 20% profit in one location.  I will be sharing this journey with you, so continue to tune in and read my blog! Send this blog to two friends and ask them to subscribe!!!!

Grateful to be on this journey with you,

Dr. Matthew Harkness

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